Let it Ride (Movie Edition)

From John Senner
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This is a game I invented that you can play long term with a movie friend.

  • Players: 2
  • Complexity: 1/5
  • Time: ???, I have a game that's been going for years

The two players watch a movie together.

Who picks the movie? Well, whoever picked last, preferably. This player is the picker and the other player is the non-picker.

If the non-picker agrees it was a really good movie*, the picker remains the picker for the next movie, on and on until a movie is watched that is not all that great* and makes the non-picker gleefully announce that they are the new picker. Play proceeds as normal, with the new picker choosing movies until they pick one that doesn't live up to the hype.

Basic strategy: Everyone now has a good reason to try to pick movies the other will like, and nobody has to feel weird about always picking or never picking or whatever weird shit they feel guilty about! Pro-level strategy: You can "burn a turn" to make your friend watch something they wouldn't normally seek out!

  • Yeah, this is arbitrary. You could say "4 stars or better" or however you and your friends measure films.