I am a proud larper. I started playing Darkon in March 2005 and remain involved and helpful to the club when I can – I coded the club’s credit tracking system, and helped design the website. I am fortunate enough to have adventured with the Secret Moot Cabal, and I missed camping and fighting alongside my friends there when I moved to Seattle. I couldn’t do much about it, though.

Other than to start a boffer larp out here. In 2010, I gutted Darkon’s brilliant but very crufty rulebook and married it with the concise and widely accepted combat rules of Belegarth. To date, the careful pruning of the core magic and adventuring system from Darkon’s organically grown system is a feat I’m quite proud of.

Of course, this effort of game design was trivial when compared to the incredible amount of time and energy it took to actually start an active, volunteer-driven larp. Because I’m a dad now, I’m not very involved in the daily administration anymore, but for those first two years, Dargarth was my fledgling project. Seattle had a few larps, but nothing anything like Darkon. Starting a club from scratch was a huge task, but from the outset I had a lot of help from friends – Harris and Alece were there helping me from the beginning. Veteran Darkonians helped a lot with advice.

We designed with sustainability in mind. I awarded ‘marshal’ positions early and often to players who showed interest, giving them authority and enforcement over specific domains. The club was always treated as an inclusive, commonly-held resource that required stewardship from all of us. Luckily, the group has quickly attracted a number of very capable and intelligent people to maintain it, and I’m consistently impressed and rewarded.