I had a great time with my friends in middle and high school playing tactical miniatures combat games. Sometimes I still have the compulsion to move miniature soldiers around on a table and watch gang warfare unfold in the same way as it does in between middle management, packs of wild baboons, or the US senate. It’s all the same, conflict, to me, is fun on that scale. Shakespearean blood feuds. Sharks vs. Jets. You know.

I spent 2010-2011 tooling around with ideas for a 28mm fantasy skirmish game – the sort of game where you could dump out a shoebox full of miniatures and play a fun, reasonably deep game. It wasn’t until 2012 until I’d finally hit on what I was aiming for, and that was Brigandine. It stands now as a completed game, which I hope people can fall back on when they’re tired of corporate nonsense, and just want to see what happens when a tribe of feral Elves ambushes an Orcish supply caravan. It’s a fun little game, and I’m immensely glad I made it.

Brigandine is based on a few solid gamist principles – Make Every Roll Count, Rock Paper Scissors, Fire and Motion. I added my own secret sauces, and open sourced the rulebook. It’s freely available on a little website I write for called Tabletop Battles, which advocates for open source and indie wargames all over. I hope you check it out!