GAMES! Here’s my games discovery timeline:

1983: Stared at ceiling. Played lots of Peekaboo, a sci-fi RPG where people older than you randomly disappear and reappear. Yeah, it’s kind of a concept game.

1984: Ball and Dog are early words and fun games that I still like to play, even though I’m into more esoteric versions now that focus more on the meta.

1985: My first board game is Uncle Wiggily. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but the Wolf has a thousand teeth and I am afraid of him.

1988: My dad showed us how to play Dungeons and Dragons. I don’t think he wanted to; we found an adventure he’d written and submitted to TSR. Six years old, terrified of animated skeletons in coffins, I was riveted by storybuilding RPGs then and I still am.

1990: Monopoly with my parents, a real estate appraiser and a landlord. The worst thing that ever happened. Fuck Monopoly.

1993: In between Sega Genesis and D&D sessions (by now I was the DM), my brother and his friends and I fight with nerf swords in my backyard, with ‘names’ and ‘classes’. We had, as had many kids across the world, independently invented Larping.

1995: Wrote a simple RPG on my graphing calculator. It was more of a narrative puzzle game. But in ’95 we had already defined ‘RPG’ as ‘Game with text’ so there we all were, feeling sheepish.

1996: Saw some kids at the mall playing a miniatures wargame. Enrapt, accidentally got a little geekier. Oops!

1997: Lots and lots of Quake.

1999: Wrote a WWII Quake II mod. Had fun with the AI.

2000: Finished up my first really-long-running D&D camapaign. Feels good to wrap them up sometimes.

2001: First attended Darkon. Soon after, college, and Vampire and Deadlands and Werewolf and Settlers.

2002: I run Camlann, a dark age Arthurian campaign. It is a blast.

2003: More college games, especially Icehouse, and helping write and propmake weekend-long adventures at Darkon.

2004: Eberron! One of my favorite campaigns ever.

2005: Moved to Seattle, Nerd capital of the world. Played in Court of the Golden Prince, a PBEM game of political subterfuge.

2006: I tried SCA. While I had a lot of fun, I go home with welts that took a bit long to recover for my taste, and I resolved to resume larping in Seattle.

2007: I run Siberys Rising, a PBEM game of political intrigue.

2008: Ran a bachelor party Larp for a friend. Broke a finger blocking a sword! Do not pinky-block swords.

2009: Founded Dargarth, a live action roleplaying game in Seattle, which inherits rules from Darkon.

2010: The generous Noble Council of Darkon appoint me a Lord of the Realm, for writing a larper credit tracking system. I now have peerage in two imaginary realms. I start writing Brigandine. I am a founding member of the Universal Larp Association.

2011: The Barony of Dargarth is doing well in its second year. Our NPCs hype up players on facebook, and I’m on the board of the Universal Larp Association. I play a project management sim called League of Legends. Through my app development shop MokaSocial, I help build the mobile games AOK, Find the Future, and HeartChase.

2012: I finish Brigandine, and Seattle provides me with playtesters. I build great games for Sporcle, which is a wonderful place to play.