My Time at MokaSocial

For twelve months, I was part of a startup with Koa Metter, a great designer and friend. I could write/yell/brag/bemoan reams about it, but I mostly I’m just fondly remembering sitting in coffee shops and writing apps with him. Apps don’t come easy, that’s for sure, and it’s lonely out there.

MokaSocial started as a product company, and our first few apps were promising – but not quiiiite delivering for two incomes. So we started contracting, which was even more fun, if a little more stressful. We got to build mobile apps for the New York Public Library, and the American Heart Association, and a ton of other awesome clients. Both parts were great, we learned a ton, made some cash, and got positions we love: Koa’s at HTC and I’m at Sporcle. All in all, the whole thing couldn’t have been better.

I sure did love being part of  a startup – Koa and I have a few loose ends to wrap up, and a fucking killer robot game to finish with our favorite Game Developer Emory Myers, but man, it was a hell of a ride. Something I’d wanted to do for years.