Abrupt Goodbye

Collaborative story telling

Abrupt Goodbye is a collaborative chatting game released by an indie game studio. The whole thing is browser based and all of the content is user generated. I think that it’s possibly a first foray into a entirely new type of game.

The premise is supplied: A blind man is waiting for a train, a woman approaches him and talks.

Abrupt Goodbye is cool for a number of reasons:

– It is infinitely replayable – each completed game extends the content of the game a little bit, so the next game is longer and more varied.

– It’s totally asynchronous, but puts two ‘sides’ against each other. Each side is several players working together without communicating.

– The system is set up to be self-improving – as you choose your conversational options, you vote for the most interesting ones. So there’s a constant positive reform going on there.

You can crowdsource communication the wrong way, (as with some blog comments), or you can do something really great with it, like Abrupt Goodbye. Go play, it rules.

One Reply to “Abrupt Goodbye”

  1. You are a blind man. You are sitting on a bench in the subway. Someone sits next to you.

    You say: "Mornin."

    The young woman says: "Hurry. We don’t have much time. They are listening to everything we say."

    You say: "The door opens at midnight. Gopher will be there."

    The young woman says: "The door closes again when Gopher dies."

    You say: "I thought you wouldn't come"

    The young woman says: "I came… because, you're my father."

    You say: "You're what?"

    The young woman says: "CTHULHU! HAHAHA!"

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