Community Wi-fi

I’m expanding my Meraki network as quickly as possible, now that my little Apple-imposting device has nearly paid for itself. My rationale on originally starting the network several-fold:

In my AmeriCorps days, I would have lied, cheated, or killed to obtain internet access without having to pay $50 a month for it. As it happens, I never killed anyone, but I’m fairly sure the other two were covered depending on your interpretation of local wireless network laws.

The vicious amount of bandwidth (note: not nearly as much as is still advertised) I’m paying for from my ISP is barely consumed even at our peak hours with several devices connected and active.

Sharing with friends is one thing, sharing with strangers is both more rewarding and more dangerous. I didn’t trust my network administration skills enough to allow strangers any access at all to my internal network, but I still wanted to let neighbors and bus-stop-waiters have access to the many useful functions of the internet.

Meraki is an inspiring, well designed service, as NetEquality and others can attest. I can’t call it revolutionary until some real gains are gotten in areas where access to the internet is a paucity, but I’m for it.